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A Vampire`s Promise

A Vampire's Promise - Carla Susan Smith

Rowan lives a super boring life, living in a secluded spot all alone. She works in a bookstore, read lots of books, is still a virgin and she so wants to change that BADLY, has no family and are living vicariously thru her recklessly and outgoing BFF Lacee. Who are having an affair with the married chef of police, and that is how Rowan gets into this new adventure in her life.


Gabriel tall blond hair super star looking Viking I was sold, when he was from Norway too I went to heaven. He is the poster boy for my type, I think the author has been on a little trip in my brain and made he from my dreams. Yummy!!! He stays mysterious and a little brooding thru the book with a huge revelation at the end. From the title we know he is a vamp, but OMG!! He is a new edition to my supernatural harem. I hope to really get to know this hunk of a vamp in the next books in this series and I cannot wait for it.  


I really like this book, the writing style was to my taste and I got into it pretty quickly.  I like the flow in the writing and that we only got the story from Rowan POV. I absolutely loved Rowans character, she was witty with a quick comment and great sarcasm. I laughed and giggled my way thru the snarky comments from first to last page. She is down to earth, smart and she is not your typical virgin so that worked for me. Rowan is a fighter and with little experience in relationships in general I get why she did not ask to many question of Gabriel even if I found that a little annoying. The heat was real good in it too, there was some fine scenes on the porch and in the kitchen. I would classify this as a UF with PNR heat level.


The last 20% took me by surprise and what a good surprise it was. It got real dark, we are not talking vamps with glitter here that’s for sure. I love dark paranormal so I was real happy with it. There is a cliffhanger end and I want to get my hands on the next book in this series like yesterday.


Over all I loved this book and I have found a new UF series to follow, I need to see where this is going. I think this is an awesome debut novel from a new author. I am going to keep an eye on her and her future work.

I give this book 4,5 stars rounding up to 5 star.


Book provided by Kensington Books via NetGalley for an honest review.

A Wayward Man (The Rookery Rogues 0.5) by Erica Monroe


This little short is a historic romance set in what felt like Victorian London.  The era of the book felt right and you got the feeling you walk down the roads in London in that time seeing the streets and smelling the street life.


In this short you meet Daniel that has managed to get up in society and make a new life for himself. Everything starts out wonderfully and he is set for a pretty great life. Then everything goes downhill from there, poor man.


Kate is the daughter of a pretty wealthy man and Daniels boss. She is a society girl used to getting things easy. She has her eyes set on Daniel and when he proposes she is over the moon even if he is beneath her in society. Kate is a pretty interesting character, and I think she could be a great heroine in the full book.


One of the bi characters we meet really caught my fancy. Atlas sounds like a person that can spice things up considerably, he is up to mischief and has a hand in everything going on. He makes me think of one of the characters in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.


The writing is really good and catchy and if you like historical romances this series could be pretty good. This short is not a standalone short story but more of a prequel to this series. It felt like I read the first couple a chapter of an actual book and the end was quite abruptly. I would recommend this one to people planning to read this series or sample this author. I think you get a good idea of the plot and the writing style from this author by reading it.


I give it 3 to 3,5 stars.

Book provided by Quillfire Publishing and Net Galley for an honest review.

White stuff!

Not book related at all but IT IS SNOWING HERE!


I am not a big fan of snow, but on the positive side I used my reading nook for the first time this winter today. So not all bad.

New Adult Paranormal Shifter Series.

Winter's Dawn - Kele Moon

Winter's Dawn starts a new paranormal shifter world like no other. The universe it is set in it totally unique and the mythical laws are different and intriguing. It starts when the main characters Max is 3 years old and his Mate Susan is born, we step into the story right before the birth happens. I find it a bit icky at first when I found out they are all related to each other but I get into it after a while when I get into the mythical laws in this world.

I love the first half of the book when you watch them grow up, I absolutely love the hair care routine. I wish that was something my mate could do for me every day, would be so nice. A little grooming like the apes does.

While we watch them grow it was a very sweet way to really get to know the characters. Completely and totally know them since you followed them for such a long period of time. You also get eased into the mystical laws and rules in this society in a very nice and different way. 

You follow the story in Max head. This was a bit different for me since I usually read book from a woman’s POV.  I really like Max and I grew to care a lot for him in this book, he is a very well written character and I felt his pain in my bones. And this is also the problem for me. When you write a main character I start to love like this and he goes from one misery to another and then leaves him unhappy and alone, I just can’t do it. I would have bought this story hole heartedly if I got a fairly decent ending, but I didn’t get that.

There was a shift in the book halfway through that just rubbed me the wrong way, I would say this is like PNR without the romance. Max is destined to be with his mate Susan and they share the same soul. Then you just can’t make him fall in love with another woman and then force him into a life he doesn’t want. I felt his pain on every page and I wanted to scream in agony with him. It gets worse and worse the more I read and ends with forcing him into his worst nightmare. I am not a fan of forcing people into life’s and things they don’t want and I especially don’t like forcing them to live the rest of their lives in misery. Since in this scenario they can live for hundreds of years without aging it is a long time to be real unhappy too.
Overall the book was very well written, I have read Kele Moon before and loved it. This book was there for a bit disappointing. I don’t like the story line here, I don’t ask much in a book but I do not like when a cherished character is forced into thing he doesn’t want and then left unhappy in the next couple hundred years to come. I did like the world the author made up here, it is interesting and unique.

I give this book 3 stars.

Book provided by DreamFactory Press trough NetGalley for an honest review

Last chapter in the VA

Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead


 would have like more Dimitri Rose romance as in more action between them. I also felt really bad for Adrian that I really like, I like him as much as or maybe more than Dimitri. I hope that we get more of the couple feeling in that SS that is out or in glimpses of the other series with Sidney.

Overall I loved this series even if it is YA, and will read more of this author.


I would have liked some more





I am here!


I finally found my way in here, so now I am in the proses of settings thing up and exploring.

I am sure I will get the hang of things soon but in the meantime please be patient with me. :-)


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Adrian's Lost Chapter (Bloodlines, #0.5) - Richelle Mead I really liked to read from Adrian PVO.
Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) - Richelle Mead OMG,OMG!!!
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Blood Promise - Richelle Mead This one did go a little slower for me, not sure why. Still loved it though.
Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead OK I am addicted......

And the end

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Give me the next book NOW!
Frostbite - Richelle Mead Ok I am officially hocked! I stay up until early morning reading this.:-)
Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead Very, very good YA. Not angsty childish but feels more adult. I am hocked, so I am continuing with this series, probably reading it in one go if it continues like this. I have a great feeling about Dimitri, he could be a great new book boyfriend. :-)
Into the Deep - Samantha Young This was quite OK, not the best book by this author but I am going to read the next books in this series. There were a couple things I had problems with, one was the time it took to get together and all the we have to take it slow stuff to not hurt x feelings. Waste of time IMHO just get the show on the road already.

Wildfire Gospel (Habitat, #3) - Kenya Wright Love Zulu and MeShack.

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And now it is back to waiting for the next book. :-)
Hopeless - Colleen Hoover 4,5-5 stars.
This was a great book, but I figured out the plot quite early about 20-25% in. So it was not really exciting after that to "know" what is going to happen. Well the book is AWESOME and I loved it, but it is not in my all time favorites at this point.
Until Fountain Bridge (On Dublin Street, #1.6) - Samantha Young A nice short story about Ellie and Adam. If you have read Joss and Braden story this is a nice filler.

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