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Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews Loved this best book so far, bravo!!!
Predator's Serenade (Gemini Island Shifters, #2) - Rosanna Leo Meet Soren playboy, famous cocky big shot that screw supermodels and hate children and their mothers. This outdoors nature hater is called home by his brother to the outdoorsy Ursa Fishing Lodge in Northern Ontario to mentor a kid. To say Soren is displeased about this horrid favor would be to down play it, but he don’t have a choice since he owes his brother BIG TIME.

Gioia Clementine is a down to earth woman that has a son Gunner, he is the world to her. She is not into playboys and do not look forward to meeting Soren at all. She would rather eat shit than deal with spoiled big shots that have a menagerie of hot woman in his “I did them” book. But since her son Gunner is having real problems she is going to do everything to help him get better and thus Soren is the only option.

The fun really starts when they meet. I had so much fun reading this book and especially Sorens PVO, I was constantly giggling, snorting or laughing out loud. The comments and snark was fantastic, prize worthy fabulous. On top of this the book had a wonderful plot too and you did not get the big revelation before at the last minute, and it took me by surprise.
The growing relationship between Soren and Gunner is wonderful and I could relate since I am not a kid’s person myself, but I so bought it and loved it. It was the cherry on top in this book and gave it depth without being sugary sweet.

If we are going to talk about the bedroom action I have just one word to say Volcanic HOT! The scene in the closet was epic, totally unique and super fantastic. I think I need a closet like that at once and I think I need to borrow Soren for a little while too. He just jumped into my book boyfriend list and I think he is staying there permanently. Since I also have a “thing” for blond men he ticks of all the right boxes.

photo tumblr_mfi3coWCd61rxr9hmo1_500_zps0a10d5b4.gif

This book is wonderfully written and I love the world Rosanna Leo has made here. I was a big fan of the first book in this series, but this is even better. I gave that book 5 stars so this one is really 6 stars for me. I am a huge fan of Rosanna Leo`s works but I think this is her best work so far. I think I need a life time membership in her fan club. She has the most naught delicious mind packed in a great story with awesome writing, it just don’t get better than this.

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5 solid gold stars!

Book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange for an honest review.
Stripped - Jasinda Wilder I usually love this author, I did not love this.
The female was whiny, constantly throwing up and I was ugh and did not connect with her on any level. We also heard about her big, big boobs all book long. How fantastically perfect, and heavy and did I say big they were, big even for a tall girl like the girl here is. And then in the end of the book we get the size and I was WTF?? I am short and still have 2 cup sizes large with same size around. Hello not impressed!

photo tumblr_mafb4rv16r1rceklro1_500_zpsa73aba72.gif

And then there was whinnying, self suffering and this is a sin. And don't get me going on the stripper part where she pukes after every show. Ehh no, I did not buy it.

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The leading male on the other hand was the highlight of this book, he was great. He got both my stars, I loved him.

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I had real high hopes for this book, because the last book I read from this author was a solid 5 stars and a favorite book of mine. This story had great potential but I did not get into it, as they say not my cup of tea. I will probably read more books of her in the future, but will be more cautious with what I pic perhaps.

I give it 2 stars and they are all Kellor`s.
Crush (Crush, #1) - Lacey Weatherford 2,5-3 stars. This was far to YA for me.
Close Remembrance (The Krinar Chronicles, #3) - Anna Zaires
photo tumblr_mh8f3tYYA01rly6ggo1_500_zpsaf16c7bf.gif

This is the third and last book about Mia and Korum and what a wonderful end to it too.
Mia has grown so much in this series, she has bloomed from a shy uncertain virgin to a strong female that knows how to get her way. In this last book she really comes into her own and takes charge of things around her and her life and relationship with Korum. The wishy washy girl is banished for good. I absolutely loved it.

Korum what can I say. My relationship with him during the books has not been a good one, to say I would love to hit him over the head with my iron skillet would be pretty accurate if I also could do it repeatedly. He has been controlling, forcing himself on Mia and over all nasty. But in this book he redeems himself. The Korum PVO we get in this book is awesome, applause to the author for doing it. It clears up so much and to understand his side off things is wonderful. I absolutely loved that he was ashamed off his early behavior that make the book for me it really did.

I absolutely love this world Anna Zaires has made for us in the K books. I am a super huge fan of all the geniuses inventions that are in the books and there were even more nice tidbits off them in this one. I am in awe of the authors mind that has come up with all this stuff it is brilliant. This book also took us to the K home world and what a beautiful world it was. I could just picture it in my mind as the writer painted it for me. The end of the book was truly awesome and it was pretty much perfect end to Mia and Korums story.

photo tumblr_lxt4n145821r6h6gso1_500_zps44d46cd3.gif

I think this quote sums it up nicely:
“He's not going to flip out again, is he?" Jessie sounded scared.
"What? No, of course not," Mia said automatically.
"Uh-huh," Jessie said doubtfully.
"He won’t," Mia said with confidence, looking directly at Korum. She knew perfectly well that he could hear her.
He stared back at her. His eyes still had those dangerous golden flecks in them, but one corner of his mouth tilted up, a ghost of a smile stealing across his face. Mia continued looking at him, her own eyes narrowed, and the smile became a full-blown grin, transforming his features from merely gorgeous to out-of-this-world sexy. Then he turned away and continued speaking to Edgar, as though nothing had happened.
"Holy shit," Jessie breathed her eyes huge. "You did it! Mia, you f***ing did it..."
"Did what?"
"You tamed a K.”
― Anna Zaires, Close Remembrance

I am looking forward to reading more about this universe, it will be with new people and hopefully they will be just as captivating.

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I absolutely loved this book and am giving it 5 stars.

I was given an ARC of this book by the author for an honest review.
The Queen's Consorts - Kele Moon photo tumblr_me234etiLP1rwjzpqo1_500_zpsa9d9a39f.gif

This is a true PNR erotica fairy style story. It is wonderfully written and builds up very nicely. You hang onto the pages as the thrilling story unfolds.
The female Sari is strong and just to my liking. She does not take shit from anyone and does not shy away from taking charge of a situation, bravo. I am sick of wake save me female in books and life in general. I so prefer females that save themselves.

The consorts are just smoking hot, I could just keep the blond one no problem. The chemistry between the 3 of them is awesome and oh so sexy. The Consorts that has grown up together and have stayed together as a unity together while enduring abuse, it just makes the dynamics between them absolutely wonderful.
The world is really cool and I dig the fact that the women are the bosses. It tickles my inner girl in a real good way.
Overall I really loved this book, it got a bit to sugary sweet at the end for me so I take 1 star off. But a very enjoyable read 4 solid stars.

If you enjoyed Kenya Wright`s Vampire King Trilogy you are going to love this book too.
Ghostwriter - Lissa Bryan Synopsis:

After being laid off from the newspaper where she worked as a
journalist, and losing her boyfriend in rapid succession, Sara Howell is looking to downsize before her dwindling savings run out. Things are finally starting to look up when she lands a job ghostwriting the biography of a popular politician and rents an isolated island house which turns out to have once been the home of her favorite author, Seth Fortner, who mysteriously disappeared in 1925.

But when strange things start happening, as objects break, or go missing, and terrifying visions appear, Sara begins to wonder if Seth ever left, or if she is losing her mind.

What happened to Seth is a secret closely guarded by the family to this day, a family that seems to exist under a terrible curse. Through an old trunk of letters she discovers in the attic, Sara unravels the mystery and becomes caught up in a tale of greed, lost love and the horrors of WWI.

When Sara realizes she is not going crazy and that Seth Fortner’s spirit still haunts her new home on the isolated island, she begins to draw him out of his shell bit by bit. She will discover what happened to the idealistic young writer who went to the battlefields of France to save lives, and to his beautiful bride to destroy the love between them, and what led Seth to make a terrible choice which would have consequences
that would echo for generations.

They gradually fall in love in their world of dreams, dreams which swiftly become more attractive than reality, as Sara learns from a ghost how to truly live. Will she be the one to break the “Fortner Curse” by helping Seth conquer his demons, and heal both of their hearts in the process?

My Thought:

We meet Sara in a bad time of her life. She has just broke it off with her boyfriend that already has found a new girlfriend that he has proposed to, and on top off that she get fired at work.
She needs to downsize the place she lives so save costs and get an offer she can’t refuse. And then the story really starts when she moves out to this picture perfect house on a secluded island.
The story is wonderfully written and the author paints some really lovely pictures in my mind of this house and island. So much so that I just want to move there like right now, and I hate

The haunting is described in a very real way off what happens in real haunted houses at least in my experience with it. With the picture falling off the wall, doors open and closing, the footsteps and so on.

There is also a very nice development of Sara’s character in this book that I really liked, she starts out a little weak and lost on develop into a strong independent woman with a back bone. It was wonderful to read that and about her taking charge off he own life and starting to put her foot firmly down and say no.

The only thing I did not like about this book was the end, it was not for me so I am taking 1 star away for it. Other than that I overall really like it and it was a very good read. It is not often that authors paint such a vivid image off a place in my head. I have had it happen to me 2 times before both times by Nora Roberts in Angels Fall and Northern Lights.
I give this book 4 stars.

Book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange for an honest review.
Obsidian Souls (Souls, #1) - Donna Augustine photo tumblr_m1u5p7YPwY1qg6z0o_zpscd5e0ab9.gif

This is the third book I have read by this author and I am now joining up for a lifelong membership in her fan club. I have to say she is now in my auto-buy list and now a solid member off my top 5 all-time favorite authors.

Alexandra is a really down to earth funny girl I can relate to easily. She has problems to accept and adapt into the new scary and strange world she discovers. She is growing into a real cool kick ass girl I dig.

Caden what can I say, OMG what a hunk. I would just do him in a hot minute. He is conflicted, handsome, kind, kick ass and overall delicious. I want one please.
photo tumblr_mh8f3tYYA01rly6ggo1_500_zpsaf16c7bf.gif

The world building was awesome, it came on slowly and nice and kept on your toes from the first line to the last. It was brilliantly done and really different, I love that the so called bad guys wasn’t all bad and the world really worked for me. The story had a good drive and was fast paced, it keep me turning pages until the early morning when I was most definitely supposed to sleep.
There were also some very strong and interesting bi-characters in this book too. I especially like Jack and Mike. The unity between the characters was also really good.

I am now looking forward to the next installment in this series, I so want to know what happens next and I do want to know how Alex and Caden`s relationship evolves. I see some great epic head-butting, dialog, and adjustments there.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, I LOVED this book. This author doesn’t only have one great UF series but two, I am in awe. I am giving this book 5 stars.

As a note I read the updated edited version.
I was also given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.
Biting Bad - Chloe Neill Chloe Neill does it again, a soild 5 star book. She is turning into my fav author as she never disaponts and publish one solid book after an other, bravo!!!
The Other Half (Revelations, #1) - Elaina M. Roberts Synopsis:

For Kristiana Latimer, the Fifth Annual Human-Other Summit creates more aggravation than hope for the future. As a security guard for the hosting hotel, her job requires that she remain civil and professional with the visiting dignitaries regardless of provocation. But the Summit has yet to address the many growing concerns of the nonhuman integration. And when Michael Zakhara, the mysterious Head Ambassador, requests that she serve as his human liaison, Kris’ civility and professionalism are tested to the limits.

Just as they acknowledge their growing attraction and begin to work together, Kris’ niece and nephew are kidnapped, along with a half-dozen other nonhuman children. Suspecting the head of the local hate group, the Human Purity League, and Kris’ former boss, the couple organizes a stunning array of humans and nonhumans alike to help search for the missing children.

As tensions rise, Michael and Kris succumb to their intense mutual attraction. Secrets are shared, and truths revealed. But the Summit only lasts a week. Will they have time to save the children, address the issues at hand, and accept that they have found their other half?

My Thought:

The synopsis on this book sounded so good and the start was not bad ether, then Kris meets Michael and everything went downhill for me. Kris is described as a no fuss woman with a military back ground and a strong back bone. I therefore got a huge problem with her behavior when she meets her mate, seriously talk about going gaga. I also did not like that the leading man is called many different names, it is just plain confusing.

This could have been so good, the story in itself is a good one. It is the first book I have read with a djinni in it, a sexy one too. There are also lots of nice bi character’s, like Andrews, the sister and lots more. But the writing was just too detailed and I just could not get into it. I think maybe it should have been edited a bit more and that the story needs a bit more structure, more to the point.
This is sadly a DNF for me at 44%, if the author does a new round of editing and structure it up I would love to try to read it again. Since the basic story was rather good.
I give it 2 stars.

Book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange for an honest review.
Unbreak Me - Lexi Ryan 2,5-3 stars.
Selkie's Revenge (Orkney Selkies, #2) - Rosanna Leo Selkie's Revenge is the second installment in Rosanna Leo`s Orkney Selkies series and with this book she really puts this series on the map as something unique and wonderful in the PNR world.

The world she has built here with the selkie`s and the mystical rules that are here is wonderful combined with her down to earth writing style with people that are real with flaws. That makes her book so much stronger when you read about characters that actually could be you and not a picture perfect flawless Barbie doll type. They are even smart with good sense and the men are not all muscle and no blain but compassionate with the right dose of bad boy with extra special bedroom skills. This combination is rare and has made Rosanna Leo one of my favorite authors in this genre, her works are solid and very enjoyable reads. This book is a new installment in that category.

In this second selkie book we meet Machar aka Mack and Beth. Mack is a desperate 500 year selkie that needs to find his mate like yesterday, he is so ready to settle down it would mostly scar off most sane woman if he was not totally drop dead gorgeous. ;-) He loves kids and would like to have lots of them too. I would most likely have run away screaming since that is so not my thing. What is my thing is his collection of cool rock t-shirts from the 80, that alone would get me drooling over him. I just picture him in that Def Leappard one ohhhhh yeah.

Beth is not quite there ether, she is grieving the loss of her husband and son and are in a completely different mental place. She is not interested in a new man or more kids. When she meets Mack it is soon revealed that he is not the only man that is out to get Beth ether. And so the dance begins. It is a great back story there with nasty villain.

This is an emotional read with so nice “darker” elements in both characters personality from bad experiences in their lives. It is a wonderful and emotional story to follow and they come alive on the pages for me. Not to forget the bedroom action, ohhhh wow.

photo tumblr_me234etiLP1rwjzpqo1_500_zpsa9d9a39f.gif

Not all of it is to my personal taste but I knew that before I started to read it. But it was so worth the read I have to say as the rest was full off hot goodness.

This is a fabulous different shifter story with selkies, if you don’t think selkies sound hot I can assure you they are, smoking hot. Overall I loved this book and are giving it 4-4,5 stars.

*Book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange.*
Nolan Trilogy: Box Set (Temptation, Confession, Grace) (Under Mr. Nolan's Bed) - Selena Kitt This is one of the most powerful reads I have had in a long time. Loved it!
Temptation (Under Mr. Nolan's Bed, #1) - Selena Kitt 4,5 stars.
Easy - Tammara Webber To much YA for me and I did not feel the tension between the couple.
Keepers and Killers (Alchemy, #2) - Donna Augustine Review coming!

Book is published tonight or tomorrow on amazon!!
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