Stripped - Jasinda Wilder I usually love this author, I did not love this.
The female was whiny, constantly throwing up and I was ugh and did not connect with her on any level. We also heard about her big, big boobs all book long. How fantastically perfect, and heavy and did I say big they were, big even for a tall girl like the girl here is. And then in the end of the book we get the size and I was WTF?? I am short and still have 2 cup sizes large with same size around. Hello not impressed!

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And then there was whinnying, self suffering and this is a sin. And don't get me going on the stripper part where she pukes after every show. Ehh no, I did not buy it.

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The leading male on the other hand was the highlight of this book, he was great. He got both my stars, I loved him.

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I had real high hopes for this book, because the last book I read from this author was a solid 5 stars and a favorite book of mine. This story had great potential but I did not get into it, as they say not my cup of tea. I will probably read more books of her in the future, but will be more cautious with what I pic perhaps.

I give it 2 stars and they are all Kellor`s.