The Queen's Consorts - Kele Moon photo tumblr_me234etiLP1rwjzpqo1_500_zpsa9d9a39f.gif

This is a true PNR erotica fairy style story. It is wonderfully written and builds up very nicely. You hang onto the pages as the thrilling story unfolds.
The female Sari is strong and just to my liking. She does not take shit from anyone and does not shy away from taking charge of a situation, bravo. I am sick of wake save me female in books and life in general. I so prefer females that save themselves.

The consorts are just smoking hot, I could just keep the blond one no problem. The chemistry between the 3 of them is awesome and oh so sexy. The Consorts that has grown up together and have stayed together as a unity together while enduring abuse, it just makes the dynamics between them absolutely wonderful.
The world is really cool and I dig the fact that the women are the bosses. It tickles my inner girl in a real good way.
Overall I really loved this book, it got a bit to sugary sweet at the end for me so I take 1 star off. But a very enjoyable read 4 solid stars.

If you enjoyed Kenya Wright`s Vampire King Trilogy you are going to love this book too.