Selkie's Revenge (Orkney Selkies, #2) - Rosanna Leo Selkie's Revenge is the second installment in Rosanna Leo`s Orkney Selkies series and with this book she really puts this series on the map as something unique and wonderful in the PNR world.

The world she has built here with the selkie`s and the mystical rules that are here is wonderful combined with her down to earth writing style with people that are real with flaws. That makes her book so much stronger when you read about characters that actually could be you and not a picture perfect flawless Barbie doll type. They are even smart with good sense and the men are not all muscle and no blain but compassionate with the right dose of bad boy with extra special bedroom skills. This combination is rare and has made Rosanna Leo one of my favorite authors in this genre, her works are solid and very enjoyable reads. This book is a new installment in that category.

In this second selkie book we meet Machar aka Mack and Beth. Mack is a desperate 500 year selkie that needs to find his mate like yesterday, he is so ready to settle down it would mostly scar off most sane woman if he was not totally drop dead gorgeous. ;-) He loves kids and would like to have lots of them too. I would most likely have run away screaming since that is so not my thing. What is my thing is his collection of cool rock t-shirts from the 80, that alone would get me drooling over him. I just picture him in that Def Leappard one ohhhhh yeah.

Beth is not quite there ether, she is grieving the loss of her husband and son and are in a completely different mental place. She is not interested in a new man or more kids. When she meets Mack it is soon revealed that he is not the only man that is out to get Beth ether. And so the dance begins. It is a great back story there with nasty villain.

This is an emotional read with so nice “darker” elements in both characters personality from bad experiences in their lives. It is a wonderful and emotional story to follow and they come alive on the pages for me. Not to forget the bedroom action, ohhhh wow.

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Not all of it is to my personal taste but I knew that before I started to read it. But it was so worth the read I have to say as the rest was full off hot goodness.

This is a fabulous different shifter story with selkies, if you don’t think selkies sound hot I can assure you they are, smoking hot. Overall I loved this book and are giving it 4-4,5 stars.

*Book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange.*