Sunburn - Rosanna Leo Book provided by author for review.

This book is like a bottle of sunshine in the middle of winter, it is a delicious upbeat story that is going to get you in a good mood. So find your tanning lotion and sun hat and enjoy.

Apollo the Greek God has been burned more than once and don’t want to have anything to do with love ever again. That works out fine until he meets Patience a wonderful full figured woman that takes him with storm with a bit of gruff comments and great wit. The dialog is full of funny comments and I Snickered and laughed while reading this book. The Muses really got my laughter going they are real funny.

It felt real original with this modern twist to the Greek myths I bought it and loved it, just picture Artemis in skinny jeans. The story is wonderfully written and so upbeat that you just get in a good mood reading it and you feel the sunshine on your body. You could almost get this on prescription as treatment for winter depression.

The romance builds up nicely and it is hot and steaming not to forget the shower scenes, hot, hot.
I would recommend this to anyone looking for a charming romance or PNR filled with sunshine and fun dialog. I love this cute love story and I give it 5 stars.