Kissed by Moonlight - Erin  Moore Synopsis:
Morgane has problems with men. Being a werewolf, and wary of humans, it’s inevitable. But when she meets the intense and enigmatic Aelric, she falls hard. She’s never experienced feelings like this before: desperate for his touch, crazy for the feeling of his skin on hers, and ready to surrender to him heart and soul.

Aelric has never had a problem with women; he’s a master of seduction. So when his alpha orders him to seduce Morgane for information about her clan, he accepts. He’s entranced by her supple curves and soft lips, but for once, he wants more than just her body. He wants her for his mate. But he can’t reveal his true identity, or his intentions. For he’s part of a rival clan of werewolves intent on the domination of Morgane’s pack. And dark forces are gathering that might destroy their fiery relationship.

My Thoughts:
The writing style and story did not come alive on the pages for me. I don`t know if this was meant to be a PNR erotica or just porn. They sure moved fast and I am quite sure it was supposed to be steaming hot, sadly that heat never found its way to me and it felt mostly like porn with sex two times in the first 25% of the story. I could not relate to the heroine in this story, she say oh no I can’t do this and then on the next page jumps his bones.

I also struggled with all the short sentences. It felt awkward to read, I also did have a problem with taking it all seriously after the use of “burgeoning erection”… Really, who uses that term?

The story line in itself was not bad but it felt too rushed and it was mostly lust and sex with a bit of world building in between. I would have liked to know more about the mystical stuff and back ground, I did like that there was a queen yay for females on top.
Overall this sadly was no really my taste in books so I only give it 1-2 stars.

Book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange for an honest review.