Warlock's Pawn - Tara Quan Synopsis:
Foreseeing the warlock’s destiny, Alia saves the man her sister plotted to kill. He returns five years later to conquer her city. A pawn in a battle for desert waters, Alia resigns herself to a political marriage and an empty bed. But when Duncan demands more than just her name, she chances losing her heart along with her freedom.

Determined to reclaim her kingdom, Anora parlays her body to remain at Duncan’s side. From within the Helicon court she spins her web, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Alia is all that stands between her and the throne. Her sister must cease to breathe before the warlock’s affection wanes.

A master tactician, Duncan has no qualms about making Anora his courtesan and Alia his queen. But it is Alia’s eyes that haunt his dreams, and she soon becomes his only weakness. With the perils that haunt the Helicon court, caring for the fey is absolute folly. A warlock’s love is a fatal curse, and Alia’s death will be his undoing.

Inspired by The Arabian Nights, Warlock’s Pawn is a romantic suspense replete with political intrigue, magic, and a sword-wielding alpha male.

My thoughts:
This story is very well written, the author clearly know how to write. Sadly the story did not grab me and I had trouble with giving it my attention. I did not like the characters much.

The hero was a huge ass and I did not like him even a little bit. I had enough of him after he had sex with the heroine’s sister right in front of her to see. I don’t particularly like heroes that do everything in panties while he is “falling” for another woman.

The heroine was weak ass and I did not connect with her ether, I did not understand the combination with trained in arms and capable in defending herself and then just doing everything she is told…

This is a PNR erotica, but when I didn’t particularly like the people in it, it really isn’t very erotic to me. I need to at least like the hero/heroine in the story. The hero change toward the end but it is just too late for me and I was not a fan or the classic end either.
Therefore I only give the book 2-3 stars.

Book provided by the author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader exchange.