Obsession - Sofia Grey Once in a while you stumble upon a book that will blow your mind. This one did that to me. It was devious, thrilling, dark, clever and absolutely AWESOME. Book of the year for me, I have never read anything like it. It is absolutely unique I take my hat off to Sofia Grey for this accomplishment. I would say it is a thriller with contemporary romance and a touch of the paranormal.

The plot:

Meet the Bridgewater`s Suki and Gabe has been married for 10 years and their marriage is failing. Suki was an 18 year old virgin when they married and after 10 year the sex life is still not working properly. This is why you should have a test spin before you marry someone. It can go horribly wrong and here it does. The more Gabe is bored the worst it gets.

Suki has made her own career in television. She is a kind successful woman that constantly worries if her mom’s mental illness is passed down to her. She is also very miserable in her marriage and the sex is not working for her at all.

Gabe is a rich formula 1 racer and used to getting his way. He enjoys his fame and likes to bath in his own glory. He is also a control freak like no other and the nastiest man in two shoes I have ever met.

Then Josh steps into the picture, hired by Gabe to seduce his wife to test Suki. He has some paranormal skills and is an expert in seducing woman. Everything backfires on them all when Josh falls in love with Gabe’s wife.

And here the downfall begins. It is a ride you want to buckle up before reading. You are taken for a grand tour on a roller coaster like no other with twist and turns that will blow your mind and knock you over the head at every turn. You follow all the character in their minds, this is seamlessly written. You get to ride along in Gabe’s mind and see how he think’s, this is a scary world indeed. You get to see Suki`s side of the story with her struggles about everything that is happening. Then you get the outside look from Josh. It is genius really.

Over all if you don’t already have figured it out, I absolutely loved this book. I give it 5 stars +
This is a book that should be on you to read list for this year.

Book provided by author for an honest review.