Wicked Cravings  (The Phoenix Pack, #2) - Suzanne  Wright This book started so good, I was almost in heaven seeing a 5 stars book. I love the story and the main characters were awesome and I loved them. They both have strong personalities that I really liked and the bedroom action was hot.

Then the downfall came, there is nothing on earth that makes me less horny then childbirth and what did we get yes childbirth. Seriously here I was having a good time with the romance and bedroom action and then this massive turn off. Ugh. It then continued with mushy touchy feely, cutesy baby stuff. I almost barfed and continued to get this nauseated feeling with regular intervals throughout the book every time that baby stepped into the story. So I crash-landed into a baby smooching nightmare.

I wish there was a warning label on this book, like there is with Erotica. So I could have been warned and chosen if I wanted to read it or not. This was so not what I expected at all. 3 stars.