Silent Cravings - E. Blix;Jess Haines Synopsis:

The Goliath werewolves, a California pack hoping to expand into new territories, made an extreme error in judgment when choosing Christoph to be their representative for negotiations in New York. After two fights in the open with another supernatural, Christoph orders a lower-ranking teenaged Were to take the downfall for his mistakes by serving in his place under vampire Alec Royce’s watchful eye.

When Christoph and another packmate try to save the girl from Royce’s clutches—never mind the inevitable war they’d start in the process—the two are outcast from their pack. The vampire once again demands servitude as recompense, and they soon find themselves magically “neutered” by enchanted leather fetish collars so they can’t hurt themselves or anyone else in the vampire’s entourage. Hey, the collars were all Royce had handy at the time.

Just when Christoph thought it couldn’t get any worse, a mute vampire named Mouse decides to claim him, taking him for her own. She has her own set of problems, what with being mentally damaged by her sire, Max Carlyle, who delighted in enforcing her monstrous nature. She hungers for Christoph, but can’t stand to see someone victimized or—even worse—afraid of her.

Christoph is taught the greater lesson of what it really means to follow the Goliath Code of Honor and Mouse narrowly avoids a nervous breakdown in the process of accepting her own predatory nature. The two must learn how to live together (and deal with his new accessory)—without driving Royce and the rest of his household crazy in the process.

My thoughts:

This was a very interesting look behind the scenes spinoff of the H&W Investigations series. It was super fun to see what the vamp and Were society really was like and the way the vamps lived together and how their normal day to day life was like. If you like the H&W Investigations books this is a really fun behind the scene book.
I have to say this book was nothing like what I expected, I expected a PNR book and there was just not any romance in here that I could see, I would love to see a new book after this one where there actually is some romance between Christoph and Mouse. I think the characters deserve some romance in their life and that Mouse can feel better about herself.

We got the story from multiple characters in this book and not only from the main character, I usually don’t like that but it was done in this book in a way that was actually OK. I loved that we got to see Alec Royce in his natural environment and that we came more close to his true nature he is really a nice guy, this book gave me a much better understanding of him.

Overall a good read if you are into the H&W Investigations series, it was not as good as them but not bad ether. I had hope for some romance but it was not there for me, and I hope there will be a new book with plenty of romance for Mouse. 3,5 stars.