A Wayward Man (The Rookery Rogues 0.5) by Erica Monroe


This little short is a historic romance set in what felt like Victorian London.  The era of the book felt right and you got the feeling you walk down the roads in London in that time seeing the streets and smelling the street life.


In this short you meet Daniel that has managed to get up in society and make a new life for himself. Everything starts out wonderfully and he is set for a pretty great life. Then everything goes downhill from there, poor man.


Kate is the daughter of a pretty wealthy man and Daniels boss. She is a society girl used to getting things easy. She has her eyes set on Daniel and when he proposes she is over the moon even if he is beneath her in society. Kate is a pretty interesting character, and I think she could be a great heroine in the full book.


One of the bi characters we meet really caught my fancy. Atlas sounds like a person that can spice things up considerably, he is up to mischief and has a hand in everything going on. He makes me think of one of the characters in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.


The writing is really good and catchy and if you like historical romances this series could be pretty good. This short is not a standalone short story but more of a prequel to this series. It felt like I read the first couple a chapter of an actual book and the end was quite abruptly. I would recommend this one to people planning to read this series or sample this author. I think you get a good idea of the plot and the writing style from this author by reading it.


I give it 3 to 3,5 stars.

Book provided by Quillfire Publishing and Net Galley for an honest review.