A Vampire`s Promise

A Vampire's Promise - Carla Susan Smith

Rowan lives a super boring life, living in a secluded spot all alone. She works in a bookstore, read lots of books, is still a virgin and she so wants to change that BADLY, has no family and are living vicariously thru her recklessly and outgoing BFF Lacee. Who are having an affair with the married chef of police, and that is how Rowan gets into this new adventure in her life.


Gabriel tall blond hair super star looking Viking I was sold, when he was from Norway too I went to heaven. He is the poster boy for my type, I think the author has been on a little trip in my brain and made he from my dreams. Yummy!!! He stays mysterious and a little brooding thru the book with a huge revelation at the end. From the title we know he is a vamp, but OMG!! He is a new edition to my supernatural harem. I hope to really get to know this hunk of a vamp in the next books in this series and I cannot wait for it.  


I really like this book, the writing style was to my taste and I got into it pretty quickly.  I like the flow in the writing and that we only got the story from Rowan POV. I absolutely loved Rowans character, she was witty with a quick comment and great sarcasm. I laughed and giggled my way thru the snarky comments from first to last page. She is down to earth, smart and she is not your typical virgin so that worked for me. Rowan is a fighter and with little experience in relationships in general I get why she did not ask to many question of Gabriel even if I found that a little annoying. The heat was real good in it too, there was some fine scenes on the porch and in the kitchen. I would classify this as a UF with PNR heat level.


The last 20% took me by surprise and what a good surprise it was. It got real dark, we are not talking vamps with glitter here that’s for sure. I love dark paranormal so I was real happy with it. There is a cliffhanger end and I want to get my hands on the next book in this series like yesterday.


Over all I loved this book and I have found a new UF series to follow, I need to see where this is going. I think this is an awesome debut novel from a new author. I am going to keep an eye on her and her future work.

I give this book 4,5 stars rounding up to 5 star.


Book provided by Kensington Books via NetGalley for an honest review.